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Ancient Stone Sculpture

From Artists
to Artists.

Nice View is a creative audiovisual production company, focused on offering high quality services in the production of videos and music for artists and companies in the art field.


What we do

Our services include script writing, video production, music, soundtracks, editing, post-production and distribution. All content is customized and protected to meet the unique needs of each client.

The aim is to help artists show their artwork to a wider audience by applying modern solutions, technology, creativity and know-how in execution.

A recent Cisco survey, released late last year, showed that 82% of Internet traffic is generated by video content.

Our work is essential for today's market.

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The art industry is booming, with more and more artists and companies seeking to show their work to a wider audience. In recent years, the use of video and music has become an essential tool to promote art and reach new audiences.

However, many businesses still don't have the time, expertise or resources to consistently produce high quality content. We have the solution.

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Meet our team


Marcos Bressane

Video director, editor, content creator and music producer.

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Mizo Cenni

Art director, music producer, tattoo artist and abstract painter.



CEO of Nice View Services, mentor 

and marketing specialist.


Advantages and benefits of hiring Nice View

We are specialized in the field of art

Transparency, communication and efficiency in all processes

Work directly with professionals, without agencies or intermediaries

Market knowledge and access to artistic talent

Customization of services and professional quality in the presentation of your art

We work with the best remote tools on the market to monitor, review and approve projects, such as Click Up and

We work worldwide in English, Portuguese and German

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