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The power of healing through music


Sounds of Shavasana is a project created by Nice View Studios, dedicated exclusively to the production of energetic music for meditation, yoga, relaxation, reiki and mental reprogramming practices. The name Shavasana or Savasana comes from Sanskrit and refers to an important restorative posture. This practice begins with the body lying on the floor, like a corpse and totally surrendered. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to think. Just connect. This is an efficient and beneficial method for the body and mind.


About the benefits 

Solfeggio Frequencies

This playlist was composed between 174hz and 852hz. These are specific tracks that harmonise aspects of the mind and the human body. Access the channel and read the video descriptions to find out how to benefit from these unique compositions. It is scientifically proven that musical frequencies have a powerful influence and increase the vibrational field of all beings. 

Binaural Therapy

A binaural beat is an emerging form of sound wave therapy. This occurs when two slightly different tones are heard, one in each ear. The brain is stimulated to process a beat in the difference of these frequencies, producing specific mental stimuli such as increased focus, creativity, stress and anxiety reduction. Access the channel and read the description of the videos to know better about the benefits.

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